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Mlima Cafe – Brand Strategy & Interior Design



Mlima Café products include a wide variety of beverages, such as regular and flavoured coffee mixes and flavoured teas. It also processes and Packages snacks. Our main
Product is Coffee.
We were asked to develop a concept, brand, and visual identity for a new coffee franchise, which would originate in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This new franchise should offer a competitive option from some of the international coffee shop chains in the city.  We conducted research Kuala Lumpur, drank a lot of coffee, and discovered a unique coffee culture in KL. We found an opportunity to create a coffee shop which offered a little more and felt like one of a kind, while being relatively simple to replicate. This coffee shop should offer quick convenience to the busy citizens of the metropolis. It should also offer a place to relax and take a break or work away for hours.
We ended up creating the ‘Monjo Station’ concept. Our inspirations were our favorite classic Metro stations from around the world. The Paris metro, London underground, NYC Subway, and Tokyo lines, all inspired both the concept and the Aesthetic of the new franchise. We imagined the ‘Perfect metro station’, complete with a our favorite newsstand, a sandwich shop & of course a spot to grab a well made cup of coffee. We put this all under one roof, and this is the Monjo coffee concept.
The ‘metro aesthetic’ come through clearly in the use of tile inside and out. There is a waiting bench, which runs all the way around the facade of the shop, perfect for people watching, and loyalty cards and stationary are ticket inspired, and the overhead menu references the metro station with clear, minimal easy to read type and icons.
Taking cues from metro wayfinding design, we developed icons for nearly everything in the entire location, from coffee cups, to sandwiches, to real live coffee trees. We made icons of the exact espresso machine Monjo uses as well as the grinder, & blender. Even the light fixtures icons are signature to Monjo. These icons will be used in Monjo’s advertising, giving the public a taste of all the things they can expect to find at Monjo.
We completed this project from concept to interior execution, and will continue to create materials as the Brand develops and more shops open. Monjo Station #1 is open in KL, with a second location opening very soon.


Mlima cafe produces a wide variety of beverages like flavored coffee mixes as well processing and packaging of snacks.

The approved brand symbol is comprised of circular shapes (representing tablets) and round rectangular shapes (representing capsules) arranged in form of the plus sign that represents a medical facility, all these are grouped to form of a neighborhood.

Good Neighbour brand identity consists of a Logo, Qualifiers, Symbol, and Tagline. The Logomark itself is available when it is used with intention as the visual focus. The Qualifiers may be used in conjunction with the Logomark. The symbol may be in conjunction with the Logomark or on its own. The Tagline may be used in conjunction with the Logomark or on its own.


The following colors are to be used for print collateral and other brand items.


Preferred Usage

The preferred use of the logo is any of the light brand colors on any of the dark brand color backgrounds. This application of the logo should always be considered as the first design option.

Alternative Usage

The alternative use of the logo is any of dark brand colors on any of light brand color or white background. This application of the logo should always be considered as the first design option.







After creating the brand identity, la DROP was tasked with creating the interior space of their branches, to have the same look and feel.



Creative Director: Ggowa Paul Maurice

Art Director: John Luzze

Interior Designers: Ggowa Paul Maurice & John Luzze

Creative Designers: Ggowa Paul Maurice,  John Luzze, Francis Nokrach, Finoki Matama, Jerome Bayita

Illustration Designer: Joshua Lugugo

Copy Writer: Herbert Okello

Contractor: la DROP



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